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Related Online Sources


This page lists a selection of freely-available digital resources related to the study of Victorian short fiction and/or periodical culture.

The Curran Index: Additions, Corrections, and Expansions of The Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals: A source aiming to identify anonymous contributions to journals covered in The Wellesley Index.

Dickens Journals Online: A digital collection of the periodicals edited by Charles Dickens, Household Words and All the Year Round, with supplemental material.

Modernist Short Story Project: A related digital collection housing short fiction from the first three decades of the twentieth century.

NCSE: Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition: An online edition of six 19th century periodicals, with introductory material.

NINES: Nineteenth Century Scholarship Online: A compilation of digital scholarly resources regarding nineteenth century literature and culture.

Research Society for Victorian Periodicals: A professional organization devoted to studying the literature and culture of nineteenth century British periodicals.

Victoria Research Web: A list of academic websites and other digital resources, with a guide for conducting research in nineteenth century texts.

Victorian Short Fiction: A Digital Anthology of Victorian Short Fiction–By Undergraduates, For Undergraduates: A digital anthology of select short fiction, much like the VSFP.

Victorian Short Fiction Project (Viki Wiki): The original version of the Victorian Short Fiction Project.  For more information on the history of the project, see History.

The Victorian Web: A compilation of brief articles on Victorian culture and literature, including studies of short fiction.

The Yellow Nineties Online: A scholarly digital archive of The Yellow Book and related periodicals from the 1890s, with supplemental material.


Author-specific sites:

Dickens, Charles: “Short Stories,” Charles Dickens Online.

Gaskell, Elizabeth: “Works,” The Gaskell Web.

Trollope, Anthony: “Book and Character Search,” The Trollope Society.

Wilde, Oscar: “Short Stories,” Oscar Wilde Online.