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The Victorian Short Fiction Project is a collaborative effort by faculty and students at Brigham Young University. It is supported by a Mentoring Environment Grant from the Office of Research and Creative Activities.

As a research assignment for a Victorian Literature survey course, students studying Victorian literature select, transcribe, annotate, and edit the texts. For those interested in the details of this assignment, please see:

  • “Students Researching Victorian Short Fiction” in Academic Exchange Quarterly, 10.1 (2006)

  • "The Victorian Short Fiction Project: An Undergraduate Research Assignment" in The Journal of Victorian Culture, 16.1 (2011)

  • Advisory Board

    Dennis Denisoff, Ryerson University

    Alexis Easley, University of St. Thomas

    Elizabeth Hale, University of New England

    Emma Liggins, Manchester Metropolitan University

    Andrew Maunder, University of Hertfordshire

    Jennifer Phegley, University of Missouri--Kansas City

    Ruth Robbins, Leeds Beckett University

    Solveig C. Robinson, Pacific Lutheran University

    Joanne Shattock, University of Leicester

    Editorial Staff

    Executive Editor:

    Leslee Thorne-Murphy, Associate Professor, Department of English

    Managing Editor:

    Nicole Clawson

    Technical Editors:

    Jeremy Browne, Assistant Research Professor, Digital Humanities and Technology
    Michael Johnson, Senior Instructional Designer and Developer, Center for Teaching and Learning


    Maggie Kopp, Curator, L. Tom Perry Special Collections Library

    Faculty Advisors:

    Frank Christianson, Associate Professor, Department of English
    Mel Thorne, Teaching Professor, Department of Linguistics and English Language


    Lynne Allred, Art Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
    Dave Egbert, Senior Developer, Center for Teaching and Learning
    Jarom McDonald, Director, Office of Digital Humanities

    Student Editors:

    For an index of all student contributors, please select Student Editors

    Faculty Editing Service:

    Hayley Brooks, 2015
    Jessica Palmer, 2015
    Maren McInnes, 2015
    Torrey Best, 2015
    Kate Zeller, 2015
    Alli Wiser, 2015
    Katie Hollingsworth, 2015
    Felicity Warren, 2014-2015
    Rachel Olson, 2014
    Emily Smith, 2014
    Brittany Bruner, 2014
    Michelle Lyons, 2014
    Kate Zeller, 2014

    Mentoring Environment Grant Participants

    Ryan Crimm, 2016
    Lesli Mortensen, 2016
    Claire Nielsen, 2016
    Tyler Vogelsberg, 2016
    Chelsea Holdaway, 2015-16
    Marian Elizabeth Spencer, 2015

    Contact us: vsfpbyu@gmail.com